Corporate advice

Once we understand our client’s goals, and their business, we can turn our attention to the issue of pensions and the relationship the defined benefit scheme has with that business in its capacity as the sponsoring employer.

Areas of expertise where we can help organisations are as follows:

  • The acquisition or disposal of corporate entities with defined benefit pension schemes
  • Refinancing and restructuring the business and ascertaining the impact on the pension scheme
  • Pension scheme buy-outs and buy-ins consulting
  • De-risking and re-risking the pension scheme
  • Triennial valuation negotiations
  • Liaison and negotiation with Trustees and the Pensions Regulator
  • Sponsoring employer investment advice
  • Annual accounting for pensions under FRS 17 and IAS 19
  • Employer covenant advisory services    

We are a niche actuarial and corporate finance team in this market and we have clients with a wide range of pension issues that we have advised them over recent years.  Key to this is that we do not have house views that constrain our advice.  This approach means that our solutions and services are specific and tailored to each of our clients.