November 20
Happy anniversary

Today is a special day for the Queen – it is 70 years to the day since she married her husband, Prince Philip.  Her longevity is incredible.  Not only is the Queen our longest serving monarch, together with the Duke of Edinburgh, she is the first British monarch to celebrate a platinum wedding anniversary.

It is fair to say that very few couples come close to being married for as long as the Queen and her husband have.  With rising life expectancy, there is perhaps a greater chance of more couples reaching this momentous landmark in the future.  The Queen married Prince Phillip at the age of 21.  The Duke was 26 at the time.  The probability of a couple marrying today who are the same age as the Queen and Prince Philip were when they tied the knot and going on to live for another 70 years is 18.7%.

However, with marriage tending to occur later in life, the odds are probably a fair bit lower in most cases.  The average age for a first marriage in the UK in 2013 stood at 32.5 for males and 30.6 for females.  So even taking the best odds of a same sex marriage between two females aged 30.6, the probability of them both surviving to 100.6 is just 1.4%.


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